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How to Use the Jetpack Sidebar Image Widget

Before beginning this tutorial you will need to install and activate the free Jetpack plugin. Read this post for instructions on how to install Jetpack. Jetpack includes a simple widget which you can use to easily add images to any of the widget areas available in your currently selected theme. You can activate additional widgets […]

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How to Install Jetpack

A self-hosted blog with gives you the versatility to do just about anything you want in terms of design and function through a variety of plugins. However, taking advantage of plugins and other features typically requires the installation and maintenance of numerous individual plugins. The purpose of the popular Jetpack plugin for WordPress is […]

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How to Create a Static Homepage for Your WordPress Blog

One of the most common questions I get is how to create a static homepage in WordPress. A static blog page is a good idea if you want your readers to see the same, consistent message every time they visit your blog. Keep in mind though, one of the hallmarks of a good blog is […]

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How to Change Your Header Image in WordPress

Please note: This tutorial is for blogs. If you are still using a blog the process may be different. To unleash the full power of WordPress you may want to consider migrating from to The header is undoubtedly the most important visual element in almost any WordPress blog. It’s usually the […]

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11 Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular content management systems, and this is thanks largely to its excellent versatility and the vast amount of fully customizable themes and plugins available for it. However, a lot of websites which use WordPress do not maximize its potential. Given the typically short attention span of Web users, […]

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How to Improve the Security of Your WordPress Blog

After a spate of brute force hacking attacks on the WordPress platform in 2013, many webmasters have started taking additional steps to protect their websites. Security should be your number one concern, particularly if you use your WordPress site for storing any personal or financial information or as an e-commerce website. While WordPress is one […]

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