In the articles below you will find tips & tricks for new bloggers. If you still haven't started your blog, use my easy beginner's guide to create one and then come back to this page later.

How to Move From to Using a Self-Hosted Domain

In this guide, I assume that you have already set up your new domain name and installed If you haven’t done that yet, please follow my free guide on how to set-up to see exactly how to get a free domain name and install I can even do the install for you […]

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How to Create a Custom Professional Email Address for Your Blog Domain

One of the benefits of having your own domain for your blog is that you can setup a custom email address with your domain name. So if your domain name is “” you can create an address like or This is a professional email address that is great for all bloggers, but especially […]

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How to Start a Food Blog

This article goes into the details of how to start a food blog. You will want to have your basic blog set up before reading this article. For the basics of creating a new blog of any kind (including a food blog), check out my free blogging tutorial first, and then come back to this […]

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How to Customize WordPress Menus

The theme you’ve chosen to represent your website often has controls in the WordPress customizer allowing you to design the main menu and header to your liking. But sometimes these controls don’t provide everything you need to really make your menu stand out. Here are some stand-alone tips and tricks to implement to make your […]

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How to Blog Anonymously

There are many valid reasons to blog anonymously. Perhaps you want to write about a controversial issue and would rather not be “doxxed” (publicly outed) by opposing minds. Or perhaps you want to reveal private parts of your life without revealing your identity. Unnamed references to individuals in your life story can also stay anonymous. […]

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How to Migrate Your WordPress Site to BlueHost

Website migrations are complex and these complexities are not always simplified with WordPress blog or sites. There are a number of steps that should be followed in the correct sequence to ensure a proper migration.  If done incorrectly you may experience website downtime. Please make sure to read through this entire guide before initiating your […]

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