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How to Add Links to Your WordPress Blog

If you are new to blogging with WordPress, you are probably wondering how to create links from your blog to other pages on the internet. Creating links allows you to share useful information from other sites with your readers.  This allows you to connect with the global the internet community, and it is the reason […]

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How to Disable Comments in WordPress

There are several reasons you may want to disable commenting in WordPress.  The most common reason is that you are using WordPress for some type of site other than a blog. There are a variety of workarounds to disable comments. The simplest is to go to “Settings ==> Discussion” and un-check the box that says […]

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10 Amazing Free WordPress Themes for 2014

There are already well over one-thousand free WordPress themes available through the WordPress administrator dashboard itself, as well as many more both free and paid themes available elsewhere. While there is something to suit just about every website out there, you can find yourself being spoiled for choice. This article takes a look at some […]

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7 Must-Have Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

There are almost 30,000 plugins available for WordPress through the administrator dashboard alone, and there are many more available elsewhere. Plugins add additional functionality to your blog, and all but the most basic of blogs will likely want to make use of at least half a dozen of them. This guide takes a look at […]

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