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How to Blog Anonymously

There are many valid reasons to blog anonymously. Perhaps you want to write about a controversial issue and would rather not be “doxxed” (publicly outed) by opposing minds. Or perhaps you want to reveal private parts of your life without revealing your identity. Unnamed references to individuals in your life story can also stay anonymous. […]

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How to Migrate Your WordPress Site to BlueHost

Website migrations are complex and these complexities are not always simplified with WordPress blog or sites. There are a number of steps that should be followed in the correct sequence to ensure a proper migration.  If done incorrectly you may experience website downtime. Please make sure to read through this entire guide before initiating your […]

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Six Comprehensive Strategies for Increasing Blog Traffic

You have a blog and you’ve been writing for weeks, maybe even months or years, but the traffic is lackluster. You’ve been putting in the time and effort, so where are the hordes of people who should have found your content by now? Where is your audience? Blogs are rarely set-and-go assets. They require daily […]

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How To Transfer From Wix to WordPress

How To Migrate Your Wix Website to WordPress The Wix platform is alluring for new and small businesses when they are able to get a website up and running quickly on a limited budget. But after a while, this allure fades with the realization of major limitations and the need to pay for each and […]

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How to Embed PDF Files in WordPress Posts

Traditionally, PDF documents are uploaded to your media bank in WordPress and then linked through a “Download Now” button. Because PDFs are not images, the WordPress editor is not able to display the PDF directly on the page or post. If you try to embed a PDF by uploading the PDF into your media bank, […]

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How to use your GoDaddy domain name with BlueHost

If you have your domain registered with GoDaddy and a hosting account with BlueHost, you do not need to transfer domain ownership to Bluehost. In fact, it’s highly advisable that you keep your domains and hosting accounts separate in order to minimize loss in the event of account corruption or disruption. To use your GoDaddy […]

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